Poop on a Stick?

Posted By Wolf Ridge Naturalist
October 10, 2016


Black knot fungus

Fondly known as “poop on a stick,” black knot fungus often grows on chokecherry trees around Wolf Ridge. A fungal disease, black knot fungus can prove fatal for many young trees. However, on the larger trees, it serves as nothing more than a pest for the branches it targets. This fungus overwinters on trees in very noticeable black galls and spreads to new branches and trees via spores in the spring.

Black knot fungus affects approximately 15 species of cherry trees in Minnesota. If you notice any of the cherry trees near your home, encourage the owners to prune off the infected branches to keep the tree nice and healthy and prevent the spread of the fungus. 

Keep on the lookout for poop on a stick!

Rory Anderson
Hannah Edstrom
Rosie Hesla