Wolf Ridge

Place Based Learning: “Engaging Our Senses”

Posted By shannonwalz
June 10, 2015


For the month of June we examine how the place we live and learn in is one of the strongest teaching tools an educator can pull from their “best practices bag”. The last 6 programs concentrated on the 5E learning cycle. This learning cycle is much more effective when the learning takes place in the context of student experience and environment. For students in New York City this might mean studying plants in a place with side-walk cracks and for students at Wolf Ridge it means studying plants in a place with lots of trees and lakes.

How does place based education not only increase learning effectiveness, but also increase the civic engagement of students? Naturalist Peter Harris explores these questions and discusses the importance of “place based learning” on WTIP’s “On the Nature of Teaching” feature. Listen, then please share your thoughts, comments, experiences, and questions here.


Wolf Ridge partners with the North Shore Radio in Grand Marais (WTIP) in this monthly feature. This radio broadcast was the 7th of a 9 part series on how people learn.  “On the Nature of Learning” focuses on how experiences like Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center support authentic learning for our students.