October 2019 Almanac Newsletter

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In this issue:

  • Read about the Lake Superior curriculum development process in Lessons at
    the Lake. (pages 1, 5)
  • In View from the Ridge, Pete Smerud, executive director, motivates us to stand
    behind our values by leaving a legacy through planned giving. (pages 2-3)
  • Join the growing list of The Leaders of the Pack donors. (page 3)
  • Nature Note, Hidden Homes, takes us down the wormhole to strange growths
    and unique living spaces. (pages 4-5)
  • Meet the seasonal naturalists who are our current team of learners and
    teachers. (page 6)
  • Catch up on happenings with alumni in the Wolf Ridge Staff Update. (page 6)
  • It is all in the News Briefs. Check out the latest highlights at Wolf Ridge. (page
  • Betsey Mead and Mike Krussow are this issue's Profiles. Learn what they are
    doing for Wolf Ridge (pages 8-9)
  • Get excited! It's out, our 2020 programs! (page 10)
  • Order some of our awesome 2020 calendars for Christmas gifts. (page 11)