October 2017 Almanac

  • “Making Waves Project Report”  Executive Director, Pete Smerud tells the story of folks beginning to “get it” as they start to grasp the boarder challenges and implications of the Living Building Challenge.
  • “Exploring Sustainability” takes readers on a journey with Wolf Ridge graduate students as the they submerse themselves in learning about the breadth and depth of sustainability.
  • Tom Berg and Russ Bierbaum co-chairs of the Making Waves campaign make an appeal to the Wolf Ridge community giving “Seven Reasons for Helping Wolf Ridge Make Waves – Now!”
  • Catch up on the latest in the Wolf Ridge News Briefs.
  • Meet David Stieler, the new curriculum coordinator, the 2017-18 naturalists, and the noxious weed, tansy.
  • Take a peek at up coming programs for 2018.

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