May 2016 Almanac Newsletter

Barry Commoner’s First Law of Ecology, “Everything is connected to everything else,” certainly rings true in the May 2016 Wolf Ridge Almanac.

  • Leading off with the Building Sustainable Future article, one can learn how Wolf Ridge is working to model sustainability by following the Living Building Challenge (LBC) in our remodeling and building projects.
  • The View from the Ridge expands on the LBC and introduces our capital campaign, Making Waves. Our graduate naturalists will soon be living in new housing.
  • In Graduate Program Evolves, read about how this program has grown and changed over the years. A relationship with Antioch University New England is an exciting new development.
  • The final installment in the On the Nature of Learning series, An Ecological Perspective is presented.
  • Meet our summer staff, get updated on past alumni, learn about some surprising relationship in Wolf Ridge Ecosystems, find out what schools and groups attended Wolf Ridge in the past year; 0ur profile focuses on one of these, Jordan Middle School.
  • The Chatter Around Us is a Nature Note about the ubiquitous red squirrel.
  • Wolf Ridge News Briefs tells the latest stories, read about our new summer youth offerings and check our all the other great programs coming up.
  • The 2017 Wolf Ridge Calendar will feature photos of Jim Brandenburg.

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