February Almanac Newsletter

In this issue of the Almanac Newsletter…

  • Wolf Ridge Hosts National Conference tells the story colleagues from across the country gathering to share ideas about strengthening their respective RELCs. It also teaches us about open space technology.
  • View From the Ridge highlights the latest happenings at the Ridge by Executive Director Peter Smerud.
  • The Leaders of the Pack sets the stage for planned giving.
  • Wolf Ridge in the Family is an account of several generations participating in Wolf Ridge in all aspects.
  • Meet Anne Haddad on our Profile page.
  • It is the small things that connect us. Read about these in the Wolf Ridge News Briefs.
  • Our 2020 fundraising calendar will feature the photographer of Christian Dalbec.
  • To Infinity and Beyond outlines the development of our property’s maintenance plan that will assist with sustainable upkeep of our facilities.
  • Learn how to Get Closer to Nature through Nature Journaling.
  • Wolf Ridge matters. Learn how in Wolf Ridge….Touching Lives.
  • Be inspired to attend our 2019 programs. See your options.

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