NAT CHAT — Erika

Posted By Wolf Ridge Naturalist
November 2, 2016

Check out this week’s Nat chat with Erika! We ask the hard hitting questions to really get to know this great naturalist!


Erika LeMay

Hometown: Superior, WI
Graduate Naturalist


What is your favorite thing about being a naturalist?

I’ve gained more of my child-like curiosity and wonder back. It’s made me realize that the best way to learn really is through closely watching, listening, smelling, touching, and tasting! It encourages me to get right in the middle of it all and truly experience, asking hundreds of questions about the what, why, how of everything along the way.


What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid?

The first thing that I can remember, aside from probably wanting to be a mermaid, was to be an interior designer. I was always redecorating my bedroom and design is something I’d still love to incorporate in my life.


Honey in your tea, thoughts? What about cream?

Usually just honey in green tea, but cream in chai tea. Mmm


If a werewolf and a vampire had a thumb wrestling match, who do you think would win and why?

A werewolf would definitely win because they are more muscular and their huge claws would have a tight grip!


What is your favorite letter?

Hmm…I quite enjoy the letter M, because its sound can be used in many different ways without being in an actual word: Mmm (“that’s delicious”), Mm? (“what’s going on?”), Mhmm (“yes, that’s absolutely right”), Mmmmmm (“I get it”), etc. etc.


Which superhero would you most want to be a sidekick with?

Groot!! (from Guardians of the Galaxy) He is a tree, I love trees, and I appreciate that he is tough yet kind. Also, he understands the whole ‘less is more’ thing for communicating. (^see M’s above) example: “I am Groot. I am Groot? I am Grooot.” Etc. etc. Same words, different meanings.