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Is There Value in Explaining Experience?

Posted By shannonwalz
February 24, 2015

The Learning Cycle:  Explain


The 5 E Learning cycle is based off of developmental research of Jean Piaget and education research done by Karplus and Atkin.

This month we explored the “Explain” step in the cycle.  In the explain step students are asked to verbalize their understanding of the concept and demonstrate their new skills.  The teacher introduces the formal terms, definitions and explanations for the concepts being studied.


What do you see as the difference between explaining and lecturing? Is there a role for teacher explanations in “experiential” learning? Education Director, Shannon Walz, is the guest this week at WTIP’s “On the Nature of Learning” feature. This feature explores what the “Explain” step in the learning cycle looks like as the students learn about and interact with our raven, Korpi.  Listen, then join the discussion by sharing your thoughts, experiences and questions here.


Wolf Ridge partners with North Shore Radio in Grand Marais (WTIP) in this monthly radio feature.  This radio broadcast was the 4th of a 6 part series on the learning cycle.  “On the Nature of Learning” focuses on how experiences like Wolf Ridge support authentic learning for students.