Fall Colours in Unexpected Places

Posted By Wolf Ridge Naturalist
October 3, 2014


This weekend just passed saw the fall colours truly kick into action, and for those of us from other climes (read: yours truly from Ireland), especially from anywhere further south, it’s been a shock to see the riot of seasonal colour kick in so early. But some coniferous trees lose their leaves at this point also – though for different reasons. Some pine trees lose needles at certain points in their life, not because they can’t keep them during the winter like deciduous trees, but because the needles have grown too old to be useful, and there needs to be space towards the centre of the tree. Look at the centre of a pine, and you’ll see that there are few to no needles on the branches. So each fall the pines lose only their oldest needles. For white pine, needles will be lost at two years.

– Cian Gill