Dining Hall

Whether they’re coming in from a long day outside, or getting ready for the next adventure, guests can satisfy their appetites in the Fireplace Dining Room or in the Lake Superior Dining Room. Here, they’ll enjoy the range of delicious menu options, including some from right down the driveway on the Wolf Ridge Organic Farm.


From-scratch vegan, vegetarian and meat dishes are available at each meal. Nutritious meals are chef-planned and choice-driven. Ingredients come from local sources whenever possible. Our daily options include choices that are gluten free, dairy free, meat or meatless, salad and veggie bar, and soy or cow’s milk. Fresh fruit, veggies, and homemade breads are available all day, in addition to coffee and tea.


Chris O’Brien, our food service director, believes “we should all be fed well, every meal, every day.” Those with common food allergy and sensitivities, including to dairy or peanuts, will find good, healthy food that addresses their needs. His homemade vegan options are inherently free of any animal product, including dairy, and are most often gluten free as well.


Chris and his staff go above and beyond to meet our guests needs and work hard to produce a choice driven, healthy, hearty meal while creating a sense of community here at Wolf Ridge. It’s about quality. It’s about passion. It’s about good food done well.


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