For Beginning Farmers

An important goal of the Wolf Ridge Farm is to serve as a place aspiring young farmers can come to grow and learn.

In recent years, many people have been re-discovering the benefits of small-scale farming. The Wolf Ridge Farm is helping to educate interested individuals of all ages on the important skills and knowledge needed to run a small organic farm.

Opportunities for Beginning Farmers


As an AmeriCorps Emergency Response team member, you will help address food scarcity through your work on the Wolf Ridge Farm. In addition to learning about farming while doing fieldwork, help with our outreach to the Finland Farmers Market, assist in teaching youth and families about farming, and take part in a variety of farm projects. Receive a stipend of $750 every two weeks, individual health insurance (monthly premium 100% paid), housing, and an additional $1,311 for tuition or student loans for serving 35 hours per week for ten weeks.

WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

We are currently accepting WWOOF applicants. To apply, please (1) submit a visit request using the WWOOF platform, then (2) fill out a Wolf Ridge Organic Farm Internship application.

Vegetables produced in 2021 will go to a CSA, the Finland Co-op, and the Finland Farmers Market. We are also working with a co-op of farms on the North Shore to grow 40,000 tree seedlings in support of climate-adapted species for our region.