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In addition to teaching, we spend a fair amount of time helping to make our world a better place to call home.

Wolf Ridge Large Plot Breeding Bird Survey


This is an important tool for land managers wanting to know the effects of different arrangements of forest types on the landscape. The research took place in partnership with the USDA Forest Service, Natural Resources Research Institute, and Wolf Ridge. See the resulting bird habitat maps and report summary.

There are three main objectives for the bird surveys at Wolf Ridge:

Determine which nesting forest bird species occur in which forest types and at what abundance.

Use the bird/forest relationships to predict bird communities in other areas of the Northern Superior Uplands (Lake, Cook, and St. Louis counties). It would be impossible to survey each square mile in northeast Minnesota, so we need a way to predict bird occurrence in other areas based on forest type.

Use the bird/forest relationships in computer models in order to predict how future changes in forests across the landscape will affect bird communities.

Bird Banding – M.A.P.S.

WR_1_2_Research_01_200x135_BirdBandingCheery winter chickadees, soaring eagles in the fall, colorful summer warblers are beautiful to see and hear and are also great indicators of whether or not ecosystems are healthy all over the world.  Wolf Ridge helps scientists learn about the birds of Northern Minnesota through our bird banding research.

For over 20 years we have been a MAPS (Monitoring Avian Population Study) site for a large international study run by the Institute for Bird Populations.

Out at chickadee landing, or by our bird feeders, you might come across one of the chickadees we have given a color band so we can follow how old each bird is and where they are from year to year and season to season.

More Coming Soon

We’re constantly doing our own research on everything from animals to education to acid rain. And we’re excited about sharing it all with you. Check back often for more information on the kind of research we do up here at Wolf Ridge.