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Let’s dive into water and see how it flows! This lesson dives into how water moves through watersheds using the example of the Lake Superior Watershed.

For this Wolf Ridge Adventures in Learning lesson, you will…

  • Visit a small part of the Lake Superior watershed to see what a watershed is, how we affect them, and how to help keep our watersheds clean.
  • Understand and use a topographic map to answer questions about the watersheds at Wolf Ridge.
  • Add drawings and creative writings about your local watershed to your nature journal.
  • Create your own map of a watershed near you.

Let’s learn!

This Watersheds StoryMap presentation has everything you need. Click to start, then scroll through the pictures, questions, videos, and links. Do the suggested activities along the way.

Share your Adventure

Are you interested in sharing how the Wolf Ridge Adventures in Learning series has inspired you to get outside, explore, and learn? Submissions will be posted on the new Wolf Ridge Adventures in Learning blog. Submit a photo of

  • your nature journal entry
  • an outdoor discovery
  • something you made as part of your learning adventure
  • ways you are using the Adventures in Learning lessons and activities

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