Mysterious Animal Signs

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What is living in your neighborhood? What can we learn about animal behavior from the evidence they leave behind? This week we’ll try to learn what animal made a large hole in a maple tree. In order to investigate, we visit animal signs all over Wolf Ridge. Join us for this adventure, and don’t forget to bring your powers of observation!

For this Wolf Ridge Adventures in Learning lesson, you will…

  • Solve an animal sign mystery with naturalists Caroline and Robby and guest Ryan Penessi.
  • Learn through a StoryMap lesson and video, or by reading a printed story about their adventure.
  • Explore and interpret some animal signs.
  • Use your knowledge of the animals around you to write out a story about your interpretation of animal signs.
  • Add some animal signs to your nature journal.

Let’s learn!

This Mysterious Animal Signs StoryMap presentation has everything you need. Click to start, then scroll through the pictures, questions, videos, and links. Do the suggested activities along the way.

Share your Adventure

Are you interested in sharing how the Wolf Ridge Adventures in Learning series has inspired you to get outside, explore, and learn? Submissions will be posted on the new Wolf Ridge Adventures in Learning blog. Submit a photo of

  • your nature journal entry
  • an outdoor discovery
  • something you made as part of your learning adventure
  • ways you are using the Adventures in Learning lessons and activities

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