Frogs and Toads

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Hop to it! Don’t miss out on your chance to get up close and personal with the premiere spring choir! This week we’ll be going behind the scenes with the pond singers and doing a personal meet and greet. Before you know it, you’ll be personally acquainted with the frogs and toads around you.

For this Wolf Ridge Adventures in Learning lesson, you will…

  • Explore a pond with naturalists Caroline and Robby and guest Lisa Tracy through an online StoryMap lesson and video, or by reading a printed story about their adventure.
  • Learn about what frogs and toads live in MN and understand their life cycle via metamorphosis.
  • Learn how frogs serve as an indicator species where they live.
  • Solve math problems about frog survival rates.
  • Add a sound map to your nature journal.

Let’s learn!

This Frogs and Toads StoryMap presentation has everything you need. Click to start, then scroll through the pictures, questions, videos, and links. Do the suggested activities along the way.

Share your Adventure

Are you interested in sharing how the Wolf Ridge Adventures in Learning series has inspired you to get outside, explore, and learn? Submissions will be posted on the new Wolf Ridge Adventures in Learning blog. Submit a photo of

  • your nature journal entry
  • an outdoor discovery
  • something you made as part of your learning adventure
  • ways you are using the Adventures in Learning lessons and activities

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