Rock the Ridge Leadership Camps

For growing young leaders in grades 6 – 7

Amazing wilderness locales. Resilience. Self-reliance. Outdoor skills. Not to mention epic memories. Rock the Ridge Leadership Camps are full of adventures, learning, and fun. They are also crafted to be a life-changing combination of exploration and personal growth. Through an integrated in-camp and wilderness trip experience, you’ll have the space to be yourself while exploring your community, self, and the environment.

Rock the Ridge Leadership Activities

Special Leadership Camp activities

While adventuring outdoors together, campers will develop greater empathy and self-awareness. They will learn outdoor skills such as fire building, navigation, and Leave-No-Trace canoeing or backpacking techniques during a 3 day/2 night overnight hiking or canoe trip. Traditional crafts and intentional conversations encourage each individual to express their unique points of view and hear those of fellow campers. Develop self-resiliency through a solo reflection time. (Campers are given their own individual spaces within a designated area that is both secluded and within hearing distance of other group members and staff for safety.)  Solo is a great opportunity to relax, recharge, and reflect after a day of group activities.

Community & self-confidence

Camp has a profound impact on campers. It has the power to turn a few weeks of summer into an experience they’ll never forget. Counselors and naturalists will facilitate activities and reflection opportunities where each camper will discover more about themselves than they would think possible. Activities reveal campers’ strengths as they build their knowledge, creativity, interpersonal skills, become a better listener, and a confident leader. The authenticity found at camp has the power to teach each child how to be themselves and accept everyone around them.

Meet personal challenges and grow as a leader

Embrace the opportunity to learn through immersion and exploration. Getting out of our own comfort zones and becoming familiar with other people, locations, and communities leads to new perspectives that even the well-written textbook can’t begin to match. We believe that these hands-on activities combined with an unbelievably beautiful location make our living laboratory the kind of learning experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Make lifelong friends

It’s easy to make new lifelong friends when you have all-camp games to play and end the day with a campfire and s’mores. Many campers return again and again!

Adventure and learning

Adventure is the foundation of all of our camp programs. Each experience at Wolf Ridge provides opportunities for campers to learn, grow, and to challenge themselves in ways that they might never expect. Whether it is exploring the shores of Raven Lake, zip-lining through the forests of Wolf Ridge, watching the stars over Lake Superior, or just making a new friend. It’s up to each camper to choose the adventure that’s right for them.

Girls Rock the Ridge Leadership Camp Dates

July 31 – August 6, 2022

Boys Rock the Ridge Leadership Camp Dates

July 31 – August 6, 2022