Ornithology Field Camp

For budding scientists entering grades 10 – 12

Experience the exciting world of bird research! In this hands-on camp, you will bird band, conduct song surveys, and explore the diverse ecosystems that draw so many species to northeastern Minnesota. Two levels, Introductory and Advanced, are available and described below.

Ornithology Field Camp sessions

Introduction to Ornithology

High schoolers (entering grades 10-12) who want to learn about birds and the techniques scientists use to study birds. This camp is designed for students without prior ornithology or bird banding experience.
  • Meet other young birders and naturalists will similar interests
  • Develop field identification skills in a bird-rich environment
  • Learn about bird biology through authentic hands-on experiences.
  • Participate in authentic field research projects including – MAPS: Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship
  • Hone observation using tools common to birders – binoculars, spotting scopes, bird identification applications
  • Develop an understanding of ecology and conservation biology
  • Challenge yourself rock climbing and hiking the Superior Hiking Trail
  • Enjoy learning in the beautiful landscapes of Lake Superior’s north shore.

Advanced Ornithology

Those with a strong interest in birds and bird research, entering grades 10-12, who want to expand their existing field ornithology skills.
Campers should have prior experience with birds, either through Wolf Ridge’s “Introduction to Field Ornithology Camp” or other exposure to and interest in bird research.
  • Bird banding is the focus of this camp.
  • Learn how to remove passerines from mist nets.
  • Learn to age birds by skulling and observing molt limits and other criteria.
  • Learn to sex birds by plumage, brood patches, and cloaca protuberances.
  • Learn how to use color and pit tags to research bird behavior.
  • Observe the banding of Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds and Peregrine Falcons if conditions are suitable.
  • Campers will also experience one birding outing to a Boreal Forest setting. Wolf Ridge’s 2,000 acres sit on hills overlooking Lake Superior with excellent breeding bird habitat. This presents great opportunities to observe many neotropical migrants in their breeding plumage.
  • Participate in Rock Climbing, Lake swimming, and more typical camp activities.

Ornithology Field Camp Dates

July 10-16, 2022