Farm Feast and Fire

For youth entering grades 8 – 9 who love eating what they grow 

Develop leadership skills, responsibility, and self-esteem as you explore, harvest, and cook at the Wolf Ridge Organic Farm.  Join young farmers as you learn about growing vegetables, cook farm-fresh meals together, swim, canoe, climb rocks, hike, challenge yourself on the adventure ropes course, study the soil biome, and go on an overnight campout.  This camp is sure to inoculate the soil in which aspiring young farmers will be inspired to plant future seeds.

Farm Feast and Fire Activities

About the Wolf Ridge Farm

The Wolf Ridge Organic Farm is a production and education farm where campers join our farm staff in providing delicious and nutritious food for themselves and the entire Wolf Ridge community.

BE a farmer!

Cultivate and harvest vegetables while learning what it means to live a healthy, energized life. Sow seeds, tuck in seedlings, practice using small-scale farming tools, harvest vegetables for the entire Wolf Ridge community.

Traditional camp activities

While there is a focus on farming, you will also have a well-rounded camp experience, participating in activities like arts and crafts, swimming, boating, playing sports and games, and making lifelong friends. Campers will meet demanding personal challenges and grow as a person and a leader through activities such as rock climbing and our adventure ropes courses!

You’ll grow too

The Wolf Ridge Farm Camp is a profound experience that sows the seeds of responsibility, respect, community, and stewardship. You’ll reap the rewards for a lifetime!

Farm Feast and Fire Camp Dates

August 7-13, 2022