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Academic Partnerships

Wolf Ridge is committed to building an environmentally literate citizenry- sharing the passion and information needed so students can translate fundamental environmental principles into environmentally responsible decisions made at home and in their communities.  Our program works in partnership with organizations, schools and educators across the region who are looking for ways to advance understanding of classroom taught principles by demonstrating the real world impact of those concepts.

Murray Junior High

Partnering formal and informal education

A year-round class offered at Murray Jr. High School in St. Paul during the school day is an academically rigorous class designed to challenge students allowing them jump science pathways into Pre-AP Biology upon entering high school.  This class meets daily during the school year, 2 weekends at Wolf Ridge and culminates with a 2-week experience at Wolf Ridge in July.

For more information on the program please read the Environmental Inquiry and Immersion Brochure


For program progressions, lessons and outcomes, click on the links below.

School Year

Curriculum Overview

e2 Unit 1 Rain Garden Research & Design

e2 Unit 2 Chemistry

e2 Unit 3 Phenology

e2 Unit 4 Science and Society

e2 Unit 5 Renewable Energy – Biofuels


Weekend One

e2 Weekend 1 Schedule

e2 Weekend 1 Curriculum

Weekend Two

e2 Weekend 2 Schedule

e2 Weekend 2 Curriculum


The summer curriculum provides students with a field research component of the class.  It is an opportunity for the students to apply the knowledge and skills that they have learned throughout the year.  For the full curriculum please contact Jenny Bushmaker to request a digital copy of the curriculum.  Check out the Murray Summer Program Overview and the Murray Summer Schedule to get an idea of what the students do.


Partnering with schools in economically disadvantaged communities

A year round weekly after school program at Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis and Denfeld High School in Duluth, that culminates with a 3 week field research program at Wolf Ridge in the summer.  Students earn both high school and college credits for participating in and passing this class.

For more information on the program please read the SEAK Program Brochure.

Fast Track

Summer science credit in the Minneapolis schools

In this summer program, students have the opportunity to connect with future high school classmates, counselors, and teachers in a 6 week long science program. Four weeks are taught at the school by a licensed science teacher. Additionally, students spend 2 weeks at Wolf Ridge participating in hands-on research projects with classmates, teachers and professionals.

Duluth YMCA

After school science and technology enrichment opportunities

A year round weekly after school STEM Science Program in conjunction with the YMCA of Duluth challenging middle school students to think critically about environmental issues.  This program culminates in June with a week of hands activities providing students with real world experiences.


Interested in Forming an Educational Partnership?

If you would like to partner your classroom or school with Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center to provide a program to support science education and stewardship, please contact Jenny Bushmaker, Summer Youth & Family Program Director at Jenny.Bushmaker@wolf-ridge.org or 218-353-7414 ext 110.


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    Studying geology while on a backpacking trip

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    Taking a break from research to flint knapp

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    An afternoon kayaking on Lake Superior

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    Research with professionals

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    An evening with friends in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

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    Examining the soil

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