CSI: Sawmill Creek Edition

Posted By Wolf Ridge Naturalist
October 24, 2016


On a hike this past Saturday, we found tracks under the Fishing Bridge over Sawmill Creek. Walking down the creek, white feathers were seen in the water near shore. A few more feet down, a large white mass was seen at the opposite side of the creek. The water has been high, so we thought it was just a clump of foam from the water churning up. As we carefully inched forward to investigate, we discovered that it was actually a bird – likely a Canada Goose – belly up!

We noticed it didn’t move an inch and assumed it was very dead. But all of the sudden it jerked and twitched. We were a little freaked out until a small brown ferret-looking animal’s head popped up from behind the bird. A mink going to town on his huge meal!

The American Mink is a carnivore which feeds on rodents, fish, crustaceans, frogs, and birds. It is the most frequently farmed animal for its fur, exceeding the silver foxsablemarten, and skunk in economic relevance.

An investigation on the whereabouts of the killer are underway ….

 -by Jack Minich, Linnea Pierson, Makaila Miller, and Emily Shosh
 Photos and videos courtesy of Emily Shosh