The Watershed Game

| 4th Grade - Adult
| Evening 1.5 hrs
| Easy

The Watershed Game is a large-format board game to help students understand the relationship between land uses within a watershed, water quality, and their community. Working in teams, student apply tools (prevention, practices, plan, and policies) to decrease water pollution while balancing financial resources. The goal of the activity is to reduce non-point source water pollution from various land uses to the stream without going broke.

This curriculum was created by the University of Minnesota Extension and Minnesota Sea Great. There are more resources at watershedgame.umn.edu.




Upon completion of the Watershed Game class students will be able to:

  • Understand that sediment and phosphorus are natural parts of healthy ecosystems.
  • Describe how human activities associated with various land uses within a watershed may pollute a stream with excess sediment or phosphorus.
  • Practice working cooperatively in Land Use Teams to evaluate the costs and benefits of tools that can decrease pollution.