Echoes of the Night Skies

Earth & Physical Sciences
| 4th Grade - Adult
| Evening 1 hrs
| Easy

This program introduces students to how ancient cultures from around the world used the stars and incorporated them into their daily lives and beliefs. The stars helped to orient humans in space and time.



  • The sky is an important tool for orienting ourselves in space and time.
  • Science is not the only way of probing questions about the universe. Mythology attempts to answer questions beyond the realm of science, such as how human beings fit into the larger picture of the universe.
  • The way we order our lives is connected to the way we view the sky.



  • Upon completion of the Echoes of the Ancient Skies evening program students will be able to:
  • Tell a story that explains a phenomenon of the night skies from the perspective of a different culture.
  • Learn how ancient cultures used the sky for navigation and time keeping.