Rock Climbing

Outdoor Recreation Skills
| 4th Grade - Adult
| Half Day 3 hrs
| Moderate


Students will have the opportunity to experience climbing our 29 foot indoor climbing walls at either the Mystical Mountain (Science Center) or the Sawmill Dome (Education Building).  At either locale, students will learn about the equipment, techniques and commands used by climbers. Following a brief instructor-led demonstration climb, the student climbing session begins.  Students will both climb and belay other climbers during the class.  Adults act as belay supervisors for the students during the class.  During the conclusion portion of class, the instructor will facilitate a discussion during which students will relate their climbing wall experiences to aspects of their everyday lives.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To conduct the rock climbing class, Wolf Ridge requires one trained instructor and three additional adult supervisors (18 years or older).


Upon completion of the Rock Climbing class, students will be able to:

  • Recognize and accept some personal strengths and abilities.
  • Encourage and help others.
  • Accept and challenge some of their fears.
  • List personal qualities that contributed to their successes, as well as the successes of others.
  • Experience individual and group trust.
  • Apply their climbing wall experiences to their everyday lives.


Safety Standards

Wolf Ridge ascribes to the ropes course and rock climbing wall standards of the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA), and the Climbing Wall Association (CWA). Wolf Ridge has been a member of the ACCT since the association’s inception and also has staff on the 12-person Consensus Body of the PRCA, developing a set of national ropes course accreditation standards with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).