Logging Camp Life

Cultural History
| 4th Grade - Adult
| Evening 1 hrs
| Easy


Take a trip back to 1901 and visit the cook in a Minnesota logging camp, a cook who just happens to be full of stories and information about Minnesota logging history. Laugh as an audience member gets dressed up as an old logger, and watch a newly recruited team of sawyers tackle the crosscut saw. It’s all part of learning all about logging camp life.


Upon completion of the Logging Camp Life class, students will be able to:

  • Describe the workings of a 1901 logging camp; the specialization of the workers as well as the interdependence of the whole team.
  • Compare and contrast life 100 years ago with the present.
  • Describe the history of logging in Minnesota.
  • Explain some of the impacts of clear-cut logging on ecological systems.