GPS and Geocaching

Outdoor Recreation Skills
| 4th Grade - Adult
| Half Day 3 hrs
| Moderate


Students will get a look of how far navigational technology has come. They will learn the basic concepts behind GPS technology and how it works. Each pair of students will be given a Garmin eTrex H GPS to practice entering and finding waypoints. Once the basics are mastered, the fun will begin! Students will practice a few basic points before taking on the full GPS course and exploring the woods of Wolf Ridge for hidden clues.



  • Observation of direct and indirect evidence is a valuable skill and learning tool.
  • Challenges provide opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Human powered sports promote healthy people and environment.
  • Using physical skills allows us to reach remote natural areas and gain a sense of place.
  • We all have the potential for physical activity and can improve our skills with patience and practice.
  • Technology is valuable to future career choices.



  • Upon completion of the GPS & Geocaching class students will be able to:
  • Know one way the advancement of technology has contributed to society.
  • Understand how to use a Garmin eTrex-H GPS receiver and navigate its screens in order to mark and find waypoints.
  • Work cooperatively with a partner to navigate with a GPS to locate waypoints.
  • Understand what GPS technology is and the concepts behind how it works.