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Youth tending to plants at farm

Food and Farming: Full Day

Class Details

8.5 Hours

4th Grade to Adult


Corn Field Under Blue Sky at Wolf Ridge Farm

What do we need to know and manage to be a successful farmer?

This class explores the Wolf Ridge Farm through work, games, hands-on activities, learning stations, and eating. The students become farmers for the morning, expanding their food skills as they harvest vegetables and make homemade pizzas for lunch. In the afternoon, they harness up to the human plow, look deep into soils, branch out into plant identification, discuss the importance of diversity, and fly through an exploration of pollination. The class concludes with a farm web activity and personal reflections on agriculture as an important global environmental issue.

Lesson Plan


  1. Food is produced on a diversity of farms using a wide range of methods of production and scales of operation.
  2. Farming requires a broad knowledge of mechanical, physical, chemical, and biological systems.
  3. Everything in nature is interconnected, and everything in agriculture is dependent on nature.
  4. Being good stewards of the land through our food production and personal consumption choices will greatly affect the health of ourselves and the earth’s ecosystems.


  • Define “agriculture” and distinguish between “soil” and “dirt.”
  • Understand plant and nutrient cycles and ID specific vegetables and food crops.
  • Understand how the Wolf Ridge Organic Farm fits into the larger food & farming system.
  • Explain how to prepare for, plant, harvest, and clean vegetables.
  • Share new ideas about soil and plants that they did not know before the class began.
  • Share thoughts and ideas on what it might feel like to be a farmer.