Caught on Camera

Posted By Summer Camp Staff
July 3, 2015

IMG_0084This past weekend was full of animal encounters via the trail cam. A group of phenology enthusiasts led by naturalist Jim Gilbert (known for his nature articles in the Star Tribune and his Sunday morning radio show on WCCO) set up a camera next to Sawmill Creek to see who utilized one of many beaver trails. The results were surprisingly diverse—six different species were photographed in less than 48 hours! Visitors included beavers, a song sparrow, a robin, a red squirrel, an ermine, and a family of black bears!

Mama bear has three cubs this year. The cubs will live with their mother for about two years. Though they look cuddly and cute, remember that Mom is very protective and it is important to keep your distance! It’s best to observe these and other critters in a way that keeps everyone safe, such as through a trail cam lens. Special thanks to former Wolf Ridge naturalist Ryan Pennesi for lending us the camera and for helping the phenologists choose a prime location!