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Superior Service Learning Camp

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Entering grades 10 – 12

Service Learning Camp is a life-changing combination of learning, exploration, adventure, and meaningful service.  It is unique and purposeful, far more than just a camp; it will prepare you for leadership positions at home, in your community, and at future universities and careers.

The program combines three key components: community service, hands-on learning, and adventure while spending time at both at Wolf Ridge and backpacking for 4-days on the Superior Hiking Trail. For two of the days you will maintain and restore a section of the trail, benefiting thousands of hikers every year.

Come prepared for an adventure, to learn, work hard, and play even harder!  Together we inspire one another to act and make a difference!

Superior Service Learning Camp Activities

We believe in nurturing the curiosity, growth, and independent spirit of each camper every year that they attend.  Participants of the Superior Service Learning Camp will;

  • Discover and explore the natural world while backpacking on the Superior Hiking Trail
  • Meet personal challenges and grow as a leader as they restore and maintain a portion of the trail
  • Make lifelong friends
  • Express their individuality
  • Build outdoor skills

Our Philosophy

Our service learning camp philosophy encompasses three key components; community service, hands-on learning and adventure.

Community Service

Community service is at the heart of this program. Working together with local partners, projects are designed to engage campers in activities that provide benefits for local communities. An important aspect of this program is to provide campers with an opportunity to reflect on their experience and see the impact of their service first hand.  Allowing them to leave behind real, positive change—and take change with them when they leave.

Hands-on Learning

Our philosophy is simple: learning happens best when one experiences it, lives it, and breathes it. Based on this philosophy, we embrace the opportunity to learn through immersion and exploration. Getting out of our own comfort zones and becoming familiar with other people, locations, and communities leads to new perspectives that even the most well-written textbook can’t begin to match. We believe that these hands-on activities combined with an unbelievably beautiful location make our living laboratory the kind of learning experience you can’t get anywhere else.


Adventure is the foundation of every experience and no program would be complete without it.  Each experience at Wolf provides opportunities for you to learn, to grow, and to challenge yourself in ways that you might never expect. Whether it is exploring the shores of the Baptism River, zip-lining through the forests of Wolf Ridge, watching the stars over Lake Superior, or just making a new friend. It’s up to you to choose the adventure that’s right for you.

Benefits of Community Service

All youth can benefit from participating in a service-learning program.

Benefits to Participants

  • It enhances self-esteem by promoting a sense of connectedness to their local communities through their contribution
  • Service-learning can promote and improve social-emotional skills and responsible behavior
  • It broadens perspectives and enhances critical thinking skills
  • It improves interpersonal and communication skills
  • It provides guidance and experience for future career choices

Benefits to the Organization

  • The opportunity to expand its mission and reach motivated youth who share their time and talents in support of the organization’s mission.
  • New energy, ideas, and enthusiasm as well as specialized skills that youth can bring to the organization (such as community skills).
  • Increased public support and visibility in the community as youth become ambassadors for the agency in their schools, homes, and other networks.
  • New partnerships and resources that emerge when organizations for service-learning partner with other organizations
  • Cultivation of a new generation of volunteers by an organization for either itself or its broader cause by working with youth and getting them committed to its mission.

Benefits for Communities and Society

  • It meets real needs and priorities for individuals and communities, as youth bring new energy, capacity, and creative ideas
  • Community residents have opportunities to build positive relationships with youth
  • Communities see youth in a different way
  • A new generation of caring and experienced citizens, activists, and volunteers is cultivated.

More Information

For more information on the benefits of service-learning on youth please visit the following resources

Receiving Credit for Hours

Many school districts require students to complete an assigned number of community service hours to receive a varsity letter or graduate high school.   For hours to count through each district has different requirements so it is important that participants contact their local schools to determine how those hours should be recorded.

Wolf Ridge is happy to provide each participant with a formal letter of service which will include;

  • A description of the community service project
  • Number of hours
  • An evaluation of the participants work

Housing and Meals

A place to kick back and relax.

Campers will be housed in our Summit Lodge (East Dorm). Each room features its own bathroom and shower, bunks beds, and camper gear cubbies. Camp staff also live in the dorm, with one counselor per room. There are cozy gathering spaces for game playing during downtime, plus a grass field just out the door. Kids and staff gather at the near-by campfire ring before meals to sing songs, share stories of their adventures, and learn what the next part of the day will bring. The Summit Lodge is the perfect place to grow the deep, closely-knit community that makes camp so special.

While on trail, campers sleep in single-gender tents.  Wolf Ridge uses 2, 4, and 6 person backcountry tents.

Fuel for your imagination

Our Food

Whether they’re coming in from a long day outside or getting ready for the day, campers will satisfy their appetites in the Fireplace Dining Room. Food Service Director Chris O’Brien and his staff go above and beyond to produce a choice driven, healthy, hearty meal while creating a sense of community here at Wolf Ridge. Most of our produce is from the Wolf Ridge Organic Farm while meats and other products are sourced as locally as possible.  From-scratch vegan, vegetarian, and meat options are offered at each and every meal.

On trail, campers eat delicious, high-energy foods to fuel their wilderness exploration. Backcountry meals include burritos, alpine pasta, hearty soups, fry bread, pancakes, and oatmeal, with many other possibilities. Special dietary considerations can usually be accommodated.

Special Diets

Our kitchen staff regularly works with participants to meet allergy and dietary concerns. Daily vegan dishes are inherently free of any animal product, including dairy, and are most often gluten-free as well. Individuals with common food allergy and sensitivities, including to dairy or peanuts, will find good, healthy food at each meal that addresses their needs. Our Dining Hall is nut-free. Please note dietary requests, concerns, and preferences when completing camp registration materials.

Community Dinner

After a week full of friendship, fun, and teamwork, on Friday night Wolf Ridge will hold a community celebration dinner and campfire. Campers will gather in the Fireplace Dining Room to enjoy a family-style meal served by the camp directors while celebrating the accomplishments and achievements of their community members.

“It’s about quality. It’s about passion. It’s about good food done well.” – Chris O’Brien


August 2 – 8, 2020


Costs and Financial Assistance


We accept credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express).
The balance of your camp fee is due by June 1st.


Financial Assistance

We are happy to partner with a variety of organizations that are interested in helping you attend Wolf Ridge. Available to those who qualify. You can find details in Resources “For Summer Campers.”

Bring a Friend Discount

Returning campers, when you invite a new camper to Wolf Ridge, you & your friend each get $50 off your camp fee. To take advantage of this special offer, both fill out and mail us “Bring a Friend” forms. You find can this in Resources “For Summer Campers.”

Sibling Discount

Available for multiple campers from the same household (must all be residents of the same household address). Call 218-353-7414 Monday-Friday between 8 and 4:30 for details.

Local Discount

Available for campers whose permanent residence is Lake or Cook County in Minnesota.  To apply for this discount, please call the office at 218-353-7414 Monday-Friday between 8 and 4:30 pm.


Resources: Get Ready for Camp!

Already signed up?

Packing lists and more can be found in Resources “For Summer Campers.”


2020 Youth Camps and Trips have been canceled

Due to health and safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, Wolf Ridge will not be having any summer camps or wilderness trips in summer 2020. Our priority during this time is the safety and well being of our participants, staff, and the broader community. We’ve canceled the summer camp and trip programs and offered full refunds to people already registered. Stay tuned for summer camp and trip options in the future! If you have questions about camp, please contact Luciana Ranelli, Youth and Family Programs Director, at luciana.ranelli@wolf-ridge.org.

Wishing you all the best. We hope to see you in Summer 2021!