Wolf Ridge

Grades 8-9

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Choose a traditional overnight or specialty camp

  • Adventurers – 1-week or 2-week programs create opportunities for participants to foster an appreciation for the environment and build a sense of community through memorable wilderness and in-camp experiences.
  • Camp Rock Climbing – Campers experience the thrill of exploration along with the confidence and trust that comes from learning the techniques and skills needed to safely rock climb both indoors and outdoors.
  • Farm Feast and Fire – Join fellow teen farmers as you explore, harvest, and cook at the Wolf Ridge Organic farm. (FULL)

Wilderness Trips

  • Grades 7-8
    • BWCAW 5-day Canoe – This Introductory canoe trip focuses on building a foundation in backcountry skills and a connection to wild places. Two days in camp, five days on trail.
    • Superior Hiking Trail 5-day Backpack – Experience the freedom of exploring the great Northwoods with your own two feet. Two days in camp, five days on trail.
  • Grades 8-9
    • Adventurers Northwoods 5-day Sea Kayak – This introductory sea kayaking trip will explore the rugged and beautiful bays and islands of Voyageurs National Park, while learning the basics of sea kayaking on the bigger waters of the park. Two days in camp, five days on trail.
    • 2-week Adventurers BWCAW Canoe – Seven days of camp fun along with seven days of canoeing into the heart of Minnesota’s Boundary Waters. Seven days in camp, seven days on trail.
    • 2-week Adventurers Isle Royale Backpack – Hike across Isle Royale National Park, one of America’s truly unique landscapes. Seven days in camp, seven days on trail.