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Entering grades 1-5

Spend summer days exploring Wolf Ridge’s woods, streams, wetlands, lakes and more. Hands-on activities, crafts and games offer opportunities for learning and adventures. Great camp experiences without the overnight commitment. Hot lunch and snacks provided.



We believe in nurturing the curiosity, growth and independent spirit of each camper, every year that they attend. Here is what each age group will be doing at Day Camp this year…


Hummingbirds (entering 1st grade)

Get ready to discover the delightful mysteries of nature. Who lives where? What eats what? What’s hidden high and low? Join us as we learn about the woods, fields and streams with adventures, stories and games. Learn how to explore the secrets of nature in your own backyard.


Rangers (entering 2nd and 3rd grade)

There is nothing more fun than scooping into a lake and finding tadpoles, crayfish and baby dragonflies! During this ‘watery’ week of camp, participants will explore different freshwater habitats including wetlands, Wolf and Raven Lakes and Sawmill Creek to learn all about water and the creatures that live in it.

Sprouts (entering 2nd and 3rd)

Connect to the wonder and beauty of nature through food, nutrition and farming. Everyday will be a new adventure as campers discover how to grow healthy organic food by investigating the soil, the seeds we plant and the insects that call the farm home.

Pioneers (entering 4th and 5th grade)

Visit the forests of Wolf Ridge and unlock their hidden secrets! What plants and animals depend upon the Wolf Ridge forests for survival?  How do we care for our forests to ensure they stay healthy?  During this week, we will create our own plant ID book and journal, play games and make crafts as we investigate what makes the Wolf Ridge forests so unique!  This year, new to the Pioneers, each campers will be provided the option to participate in our Adventure Ropes Course.

drop off time and location

While campers will be exploring all of Wolf Ridge, check-in will take place in the East Dorm at 9AM and pick-up is at 3:30PM.

meals and snacks

Each day, campers satisfy their appetites in the Fireplace Dining Room.  Here, they’ll enjoy the range of delicious menu options including local, freshly harvested foods from the Wolf Ridge organic farm.

Our kitchen staff regularly works with participants to meet allergy and dietary concerns. Requests for special dietary concerns must be made a minimum of two weeks in advance of arrival for planning purposes. Click on “Resources” (top menu, to the right) for more information.  Vegetarians can indicate their preference when completing camp registration.

Healthy snack options are available for campers every afternoon.


June 26 – 30, 2017



We accept credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Discover or American Express) as well as checks.

Resources: Get Ready for Camp!

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