Camp Updates: Friendships

Posted By Summer Camp Staff
July 15, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt has been said that friendships forged at summer camp can be some of the best relationships children have, giving more insight into themselves – and the bigger world.  Camp friendships have a strong hold on children. Not only do they meet new people who set the tone for the friendships they make later in life but, the atmosphere of Wolf Ridge also lets them break out of stereotypes, develop new confidence and meet kids they might never otherwise know.


This week friendships are developing at a rapid pace since we welcomed seven different camp groups; Discoverers, Voyageurs, Adventurers, Adventurers 2-week BWCA, Jr. Naturalists Quetico, Camp Fish and the Ecology Credit Camp!  Whew…it is a busy week, but an amazing one!  All day, campers learn, explore and play together under watchful eye of their counselors and staff.  If you were watching from above, you’d see a virtual beehive of non-stop action.  Some may even call it dizzying.  But if you stop and speak with an individual child or counselor…you’d get a perspective that cannot be matched from above.


You would hear campers talking about their groups, friends and counselors as if they’re members of their own family.  The relationships campers develop with each other, and their counselors, in their weeks at camp can be described as nothing less than amazing.   While we know we have great facilities, buildings, and grounds at Wolf Ridge, what matters most is the “who.”


The “who” at Wolf Ridge is our friends, our counselors and our staff.  As we begin the fourth week of camp,  I have determined one of my favorite parts of camp is watching the campers grow because of the positive experiences they have had with one another.   I hope when this weeks campers finally go home, they will share with you some of those stories of laughter, growth, learning and friendship.  (and you will then share some of those stories with us!)


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