Camp Traditions: All Camp Games

Posted By Summer Camp Staff
August 5, 2015

Every Friday afternoon, I get to wear one of my favorite articles of clothing—my rainbow tutu. In fact, we’ve gotten to the point in the summer where everyone can tell that it’s Friday based on that very prominent tutu.

Although it’s not out of the question that I would wear the rainbow tutu just for fun (after all, I am the type of person that works at a summer camp), I am wearing it for one very specific reason: All-Camp Color Wars. It seems impossible that we’ve made it this far in the summer without me blogging about Color Wars!

Playing Cookie Monster during Color Wars

Playing Cookie Monster during Color Wars.

Color Wars is how campers spend their Friday afternoons at Wolf Ridge. The competition actually begins the evening they arrive, and there are several events scattered throughout the week, but the bulk of the competition takes place Friday afternoon. Each group is assigned a color and they proceed to wear as much of it as possible (a lot of face painting happens at this point in the week!). Each team comes up with a group cheer and then begins to play the games.

The blue team playing Tarp Ball

The blue team launches toward the targets to rack up points in Tarp Ball.

At the beginning of the summer, I made a list of around 20 different goofy games to play for Color Wars, and all summer, we’ve been rotating through them. These games are divided roughly into two categories, giant games and silly games. The giant games include giant versions of Jenga, Yahtzee, Bananagrams, Twister, and Angry Birds. Also included in that category are canoeing and archery. The silly games have a lot of minute to win it styles of games. One of the crowd favorites from the summer has been a game called junk in the trunk in which kids try to shake ping pong balls out of a hole in a box that is tied around their waist (in case you were wondering, the record time is four seconds, which was done by our very own Director of Counselors, Dylan). The games vary quite a bit, mostly to balance for both age differences and different strengths and talents within groups.

Campers playing Elephant Bowling during Color Wars

Elephant Bowling requires teamwork and “body english.”

Color Wars also includes the conservation challenge scores, teamwork & spirit scores, Sunday night scavenger hunt scores, and sometimes All Camp scores. After the festivities conclude, campers get their camp shirts and head out to take a group photo.

Playing a live action version of Angry Birds

Playing the live version of Angry Birds – way more room to roam than on a small computer screen!

On Saturday morning, the results are announced (after I spend Friday night after campfire doing some very complicated math—but I can’t complain since I made the scoring system very thorough and detailed!)

A vigorous game of junk in the trunk

More body english in a vigorous game of Junk in the Trunk.

Color Wars is an important part of the camp experience for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s a lot of fun and really lets kids (and counselors) share their goofy side. Secondly, it’s a great team bonding experience. By this point, the group of kids has been together for a week and has hopefully bonded as a group. I love hearing the group chants, the encouraging words for each other as they compete, and the excitement when they do well on an event.  And of course, I love wearing the rainbow tutu!


Me in my favorite costume. And my co-conspirators.