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Wood-fired Pizza Fridays on the Farm

Posted By Carrie Anderson
August 14, 2020

With the sweet smells of homemade tomato sauce prepared earlier that day, this past Friday night was full of buzz at the Wolf Ridge Farm. Neighbors from Silver Bay, Finland, and other North Shore communities were there to pick up their very own wood-fired pizza made by farm staff and volunteers. Inspired by other small […]

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Ode to Trees

Posted By Robby Holmes
March 4, 2020

2/26/20 15 degrees F, sunny, calm          The recent warmth of February has left the snow waterlogged and crunchy. My snowshoes are necessary for the trek to the mandala, but they’re much too loud for my liking. Five minutes of slipping and sliding through the dense snow brings me to my sit-spot […]

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Sing Your Way Through the Cold!

Posted By Luciana Ranelli
February 13, 2020

Heel, toe, and over we go, And over we go, And over we go. And this is how he did it… My summer camp memories came flooding back recently in sub-zero temperatures. In an effort to help sixth graders stay warm at the Wolf Ridge ropes course, I taught them a song I remembered from […]

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Radio Story About Wolf Ridge’s China Trip

Posted By Peter Smerud
January 30, 2020

What did Pete Smerud, Wolf Ridge’s Executive Director learn on his trip to several Nature Reserves in southern China? Listen to Pete Smerud’s interview with Jeff Johnson on 95.1 The One. More posts about Wolf Ridge and China The Great Human Migration   In this blog series, Wolf Ridge Executive Director Peter Smerud talks about his […]

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The Great Human Migration Begins

Posted By Peter Smerud
January 14, 2020

To all readers, this was a post by Pete on January 14, before the coronavirus had exploded throughout the country and world. The great human migration has been massively altered this year with very limited movement due to the virus.   The Great Human Migration is underway in China. This is a country in which […]

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