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Meet our talented group of life-changing professionals.

Creating memorable and meaningful environmental education experiences requires the talents of many people. Our year-round staff includes teachers, administrators, facilities staff, food service and board of trustees. Wolf Ridge is more than a place; it’s a group of passionate people who have dedicated their lives to enriching young minds through environmental education and outdoor experiences.
Meet our current team

Get a taste of what it’s like to make a difference in someone’s life.

Each fall, we hire about 20 talented naturalists to serve as educators for our school year programs. These individuals are college graduates and student teachers embarking on a 10-month experience at Wolf Ridge. They earn college credits while participating in graduate-level courses in environmental education and teaching.
Naturalist/environmental educator job description

During the summer months, we hire seasonal naturalists and counselors for our residential camps, wilderness trips, Road Scholars, and family programs.
Summer job descriptions