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The great what’s next.

Strong successful futures come from solid foundations and time-tested models. Wolf Ridge is using the successes of almost 50 years to achieve an even more accomplished future. The board and staff of Wolf Ridge create strategic plans every three years with targeted goals that enhance our effectiveness and broaden our mission. We measure our success with the achievement of these goals.

Our strategic intent is clear. Wolf Ridge will develop future environmental learners and leaders by providing unparalleled experiential learning opportunities in ways that model and teach values, behaviors, and technologies that lead to sustainable lifestyles.  At the same time, we will thoughtfully expand our leadership role to become a nexus between cutting edge science and education to disseminate research findings.

In our future look for us to:

  1. Continue to pursue full Living Building Challenge certification for the newly remodeled Margaret A. Cargill Lodge.
  2. Develop and implement long-range facilities and land management plans.
  3. Update and expand our curricular offerings.  These areas will include linking kids to growing food locally, incorporating Lake Superior more strongly into our learning experiences, and expanding the reach of our programs to new audiences.
  4. Ensure the long-term financial stability of the organization.
  5. Increase the use of our scientific research and educator training as an outreach effort that benefits a wider audience within the environmental education industry.