A Roof!

Posted By Carrie Anderson
November 22, 2016

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    The last decking is going on the roof of the Nat House. Lake Superior is in view through the trees on either side.

The roof is on the Naturalist House!

With the framing up and now a roof above, construction crews will soon be able to work without worrying about snow. Windows will go in next week, as well as weatherproofing the outer walls.


LEED vs. LBC, Part One

While there are a number “green building” initiatives out in the world, you are less likely to have heard of the Living Building Challenge (LBC) certification than Leading in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED.

One of the key differences that while LEED certified buildings are given a rating based on the on the number of goals they meet on a checklist at completion of construction, Living Building Challenge certification requires a step beyond:  A building is assessed after a full year of occupancy before it is granted LBC certification.

Here’s an example.  We will be installing solar panels on the Naturalist House in the photo above. LEED would allow us credit for the install, but LBC will only give credit after we prove that the system actually produces enough power for the building for one full year. This is a higher standard, and one which we are proud to be pursuing. In fact LBC is the most rigorous certification in the green building movement.

Look for more information and stories about Living Building Challenge in future posts.

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