50th Anniversary Speaker Series: Dr. Elena Bennett

“Stories are powerful things: they create our reality as much as they explain it.” – Alex Evans

As the inaugural presenter for Wolf Ridge’s 50th Anniversary Speaker Series, Dr. Elena Bennett tells a story of hope for our future in her presentation “Reaching for a Good Anthropocene”. 

Dr. Bennett (Wolf Ridge Alumni 1994-95) is an associate professor at McGill University, where she researches the services provided by ecosystems, including products such as food and freshwater, non-material benefits such as places for recreation and inspiration, and the benefits of ecosystem processes, such as flood control and climate regulation. In 2012, she was selected to be one of two representatives of the Royal Society of Canada at the Summer Davos meeting of the World Economic Forum held in Tianjin, China. She brings deep academic expertise and a global perspective to this important topic.

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