Summer Camp: “10,080 Minutes: a week’s worth of moments away from the normal pressures of life”*

Posted By Wolf Ridge Naturalist
July 30, 2014

by Jenn Gingery, Director of Camp Health Services The problems of our times vary widely. With global issues, childhood obesity, and the amount of time kids spend looking at a screen, the next generation has a lot to deal with.  “The average American child spends 270 minutes watching television, 82 minutes on the phone, 27 […]

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Camp Updates: Friendships

Posted By Summer Camp Staff
July 15, 2014

It has been said that friendships forged at summer camp can be some of the best relationships children have, giving more insight into themselves – and the bigger world.  Camp friendships have a strong hold on children. Not only do they meet new people who set the tone for the friendships they make later in […]

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Camp Updates: Get Ready is Here!

Posted By Summer Camp Staff
July 1, 2014

Temperatures are high and spirits are even higher as we enter for our second week of camp. On Sunday Wolf Ridge staff welcomed a busload of campers from Anderson United Community School, Olson Middle School and the Hmong International Academy, all attending through a partnership with a program called “Get Ready.”   “Get Ready is an […]

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