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The 5 E’s learning cycle- Evaluate Phase

Posted By shannonwalz
April 14, 2015

The 5 E’s learning cycle- Evaluate Phase


For the month of April we are exploring “evaluate” phase of the learning cycle. Last month we looked at “elaborate”. Elaboration enables learners to apply concepts from the lesson to different contexts and preform activities that deepen their understanding and skill within those concepts. The “evaluate” phase provides both the teacher and student a guide to measure how well the student is able to apply their new knowledge to new situations. This final teaching technique in the 5E learning cycle enables students to build their own understanding of new ideas.


What was the last thing you evaluated in the last 24 hours based on something new you learned? What is the role of the instructor and the responsibility of the student in this final phase of the 5E learning model? Naturalist, Peter Harris, explores these questions and discusses “evaluate” in context with our Stream Study class on WTIP’s “On the Nature of Teaching” feature. Listen, and please share your thoughts, comments, experiences, and questions here.


Wolf Ridge partners with the North Shore Radio in Grand Marais (WTIP) in this monthly feature. This radio broadcast was the 6th of a 6 part series on the learning cycle.  “On the Nature of Learning” focuses on how experiences like Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center support authentic learning for our students.