Wolf Ridge Wolf Ridge

West Dorm

Up to 190 visiting students bunk up in our West Dorm. Each room sleeps 4-8 students, with bathrooms and showers down the hall. The central great room features a cozy fireplace, plenty of room for games and two-story windows that overlook both Sawmill Creek and the Baptism River.


In June, 2017, we will begin the anticipated remodel of the West Dorm. When completed, rooms will each have their own bathroom, and there will be comfortable group gathering spaces throughout the building. The lobby will grow a bit, while maintaining the beautiful fireplace in it’s current location. Learn about this ambitious project here. When groups to move into the new space in November, 2017, the dorm will be renamed the Margaret A. Cargill Lodge, in honor of the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation’s generous contributions to Wolf Ridge and the Making Waves Capital Campaign.


ins-build-wdorm-outside ins-build-wdorm-lounge ins-build-wdorm-bunks