Wolf Ridge


Camp: Where the Carefully Planned Meets the Completely Unexpected

Posted By Summer Camp Staff
June 26, 2015

Claire exploring Iceland I first came to Wolf Ridge three years ago as a counselor. I was halfway through college and decided that I would take a summer “off” from traditional jobs and internships, which I had previously spent my summers doing. My plan was to work at a canoe outfitter or a camp. I […]

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Chestnut Sided Who?

Posted By Sarah Waddle
June 23, 2015

Pleased-pleased-pleased-to-meet-you. High pitched songs burst through the trees as we walk the still dewey trails. This week a lively group of adult learners are at Wolf Ridge for the Beginning Bird Banding course hosted on campus and offered through the Institute for Bird Populations. They rise early each morning to learn the practices of bird banding, […]

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Meet Our Counselors

Posted By Jenny Bushmaker
June 22, 2015

When you bring your child to camp, you’re looking to enrich their life with new adventures, skills, friendships and fun. And for many, camp is about finding your passion. In addition to a passion for working with children, here are some of the things 2015 camp counselors tell us fire them up each day.   “I am really into protecting wildlife […]

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How I Got to Wolf Ridge From Wales

Posted By Wolf Ridge Naturalist
June 17, 2015

Hello everyone! My name is Jack Bradley. I’m from Wales in the UK and I am lucky enough to be in my second year at Wolf Ridge. The first time I came was in 2011 and I was hired as an Assistant Trip Leader whereas this time I have been hired as the Director of […]

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Forest Lightshow

Posted By Marie Fargo
June 16, 2015

If you wait long enough after dark, you will be treated to a magical sight. Tiny dots of greenish yellow light drift through the forest and then disappear, only to reappear moments later in a new location. Are they fairies? Wood nymphs? No, they’re fireflies! Fireflies, also known as lightning bugs, are not actually flies or […]

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Butterfly Bonanza!

Posted By Marie Fargo
June 10, 2015

Flutter, flap, oooh what’s that? The north woods are teeming with new life this time of year as we welcome birds, buds, blooms, buzzing bees, and of course, BUTTERFLIES! Though they can be hard to see for more than a few seconds, butterflies are exciting to look for. This week we’ve been seeing lots of […]

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Place Based Learning: “Engaging Our Senses”

Posted By shannonwalz
June 10, 2015

  For the month of June we examine how the place we live and learn in is one of the strongest teaching tools an educator can pull from their “best practices bag”. The last 6 programs concentrated on the 5E learning cycle. This learning cycle is much more effective when the learning takes place in […]

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